Claude Dragonfly
The ___ EP (Download)

PNM#005 - Release Date: 8/20/2013

Track List:
1) You Know (Things That I Go Through) [4:06]
2) Outta Your Mind, Son [1:57]
3) Supernatural, Pt 2 and Ode to Spring [23:28]
4) Icicle Star Preserves [8:45]
5) I Wish Water Torture for the Rabbit [21:47]

Contrary to the naming, "The ___ EP" actually clocks in at an hour, despite having only five tracks. Such is the way of psychedelia.

The closest comparison to listening to this album would be equating it to hiding in a closet with a cassette recorder, as the psilocybin starts kicking in. Full of hooks, hallucinations, swarms of bees and Casio weaponry, this project is best experienced on headphones, laying on one's bed in the thick of the summer heat.

Track four off of "The ___ EP" appeared on the Penetrate the Sun cassette release back in 2011. Here is an excerpt of the write-up for the track on that release:

Andrew Rossi, a.k.a. Claude Dragonfly, gave me the original 4-track master tape of this, without me knowing what to expect. I believe he said something about them being recorded in an attic or basement while living off of Interstate Blvd a number of years's hard to keep track sometimes....While I was personally just satisfied filling up four tracks at a time for my own recordings, Andrew was pushing the limitations of 4-tracking. Each song, while containing four tracks only, had countless bounces and single-track dubs. Since I used a different 4-track to pull the audio from the masters, the tape speeds were playing differently and things just weren’t working smoothly enough to mix directly from the device. It took me weeks to figure out a way to mix them all accordingly, since I had to drop each individual track into a digital program and then line up (tape isn’t great at maintaining a consistent speed with old, warped tapes). This is actually one of the more tame tracks from the session masters he gave me, but felt it had an appropriate place on this compilation. Despite his experimentalism with noises and recording, an amazingly-crafted pop song exists here.

Recorded in the early 90's on various Tascam 4-trk tape recorders, and then transferred digitally in 2010 and mixed/arranged by MJ Woodis at Lo-Hi.