Joel Magid's Answering Machine
(And Eventually You Get Your Foot Hacked Off) (LP/Download)

PNM#007 - Release Date: 7/11/2012

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Rock n Roll is a hyena. A truly awesome creature. But one you can’t control. If you take your eyes off of it for a second, it'll attack. And as it cackles while it eats you, the sound of its strange laughter will attract the next victim.

"And eventually you get your foot hacked off" is the first independent release (release date: 8/25/12) by Joel Magid's Answering Machine. The record is the result of four and a half years worth of basement recordings. Twenty two songs were mastered for the album, which were pared down to thirteen songs to fit the time restraints of a 12 inch record. The digital download contains an additional three bonus tracks. All sixteen songs were written, recorded, and produced by Joel Magid in a few scattered basements in Seattle, Washington & Portland, Oregon between 2008 and 2012. The majority of musical imperfections have been left in this record. Most of these songs were recorded on (and with) damaged vintage gear, resulting in wonderful low-fidelity sound recordings.

Magid explained the story behind the name of the album/title track: “ 'And eventually you get your foot hacked off' ” is a rewrite of a song called ‘Run With An Axe’ that I wrote and performed in the band The Ol' Howl & Smash when I was in my early twenties. That tune and chord progression haunted me for years. So I responded by writing a follow up song: ‘And eventually you get your foot hacked off.’ I'm hoping the tune will now leave me alone forever.”

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