Bunk (Comic Series)

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MJ Woodis (of Portland, OR) helps pave the path for an entourage of psychedelic misfits as they bungle through adventures via an improbable assortment of locations across the universe.

Bunk #0 (Bootleg Edition) kicks off the series from within the monkey pen at the Esodelphia City Zoo. Here we are introduced to our anti-heroes in their natural habitat. Join along this animated vision-quest as the characters probe all forms of cultural isms, spectral philosophies, mantras and yantras.

Bunk #1 (Dissed-topia) follows our beloved duo on a journey across the very fabric of space and time, in order to visit their good friend K.F. on his home-planet. Sit back and take in the psychedelic head-journey that Max and his eyeball amigo traverse during this transcendental cosmic encounter.

Bunk #2 (The Mystifical Shambri-la) picks up with Gorilla Max and his counterpart scheming along the shores of Sangfroidia. Thanks to a chance encounter with an old friend, Dean the Space Bean, Max and his monocular counterpart hitch a ride across the outer dimensions. A quick visit to the silent sidekick's home planet (Shambri-la) helps Max open a dialogue with a deeply-rooted inner voice - what's our simian to get out of all this, aside from a splitting migraine???...

Bunk #3 (Papercuts) starts off with our heroes Max and his spherically-altered-other-half once again traversing the celestial planes. Upon falling victim to an elaborate and deviant interstellar floral booby trap, Max is forced through an esoteric journey deep within his psyche. Will Max be fortunate enough to escape the fiery tentacled clutches of enlightenment, or is it curtains for our silvery-backed simian?

Bunk #4 (An Evening At the Imposium) tells the age-old tale of hope-less gorilla love. Max and his lensed amigo travel back to Esodelphia City Zoo, with Max intent on rekindling a frothy relationship with his former fling, Pink VooDoo. Shortly after arriving, fate naturally finds a way to interject its icy will into the best-laid plans of mice and ape.

Bunk #5 (Collideoscope) has your most cosmically-minded ape friend journeying through a dreamy fortune-telling session with his ever-acute friend Sibyl. Come along as Sibyl breaks down Max's predicament and tries to get our banana-munching friend moving toward something resembling direction and focus.

Recommended for fans of a shaky, paranoid, underground art style. Additional writing credits for all issues are extended to Bill Salfelder.

24 pgs ttl, per issue
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Bunk #0 (PNA #000) - Released 5/01/2013
Bunk #1 (PNA #001) - Released 8/11/2013
Bunk #2 (PNA #002) - Released 1/28/2014
Bunk #3 (PNA #003) - Released 7/11/2014
"Bunk'd Agin!" Apparel - Released 5/5/14
Bunk "Crossing" Poster - Released 5/22/14
"Bunk'd Agin!...AGIN!" Apparel - Released 5/18/15
Bunk #4 (PNA #004) - Released 5/23/15
Bunk #5 (PNA #005) - Released 10/8/16