*** DVD-R copies available through the Store NOW! ***

It took some time, but the artwork layout is complete and Stephen Kane of Robot Angel Productions has completed editing and authoring the DVD. Years of labor have finally culminated in a finished product, available for all now.

In addition to the short film documenting The Pink Snowflakes on a section of tour in 2010, there is some bonus footage from prior shows from 2009 - 2011. Additional segments filmed by San Francisco filmmaker Stephen Kane and Brenton Booth of Portland, OR.

You can learn more about the completed project HERE .


Robot Angel Productions has been working with MJ from PsychoNot Music to assist with writing the soundtrack for a short film, titled "Rose". Film editing has been completed and music for the final scenes is being recorded at this time. We'll be sure to link over to some sample clips once production is completed.

Filmed a couple of years back in rural Texas, "Rose" follows the path of a modern-day gunslinger on the run. Cast away from the conventions of the modern day, we follow along as the hero tries to come to terms with a modernized society suffocating his perception of reality.


The soundtrack to A Way from Scuzztown is complete! Find out details HERE.

The film 'A Way from Scuzztown,' is currently a work in progress. Musician/Artist MJ Woodis and filmmaker Stephen Kane are currently hashing out the design and film scheduling. Anyone interested in assisting with the making of the film, please contact us! Filming will take place primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area and Lake County. Set and puppet designers currently needed. Possible assistance will also be needed with filming.