PsychoNot Art Presents: A Way From Scuzztown EP (CD)

PNM #001 - Released 2/14/2008

The Chipmunk EP, by MJ, is a 21+ minute concept album involving our hero Chip Monk, a chipmunk disgruntled about his life spent in the forest town of Scuzztown. As the EP progresses, we follow Chip through his travels on the road from Scuzztown to the city of Happyopolis. After making it to Happyopolis, we find that life for Chip doesn't pan out quite as he initially expected it would. Short sound clips of some tunes from the EP will be available on the site soon, but are currently available for purchase at most online store (iTunes, CD Baby, etc).

Lyrics for the EP can be found here.

Chipmunk EP artwork madness by Dr. FunLaw. Layout by MJ Woodis.
Initial artwork for the Chipmunk EP cd promo poster completed by Dave Bois.

The Chipmunk EP is available at select stores in San Francisco, CA, Portland, OR and some other cities on the West Coast, under the artist name "PsychoNot Art Presents." But we also encourage you to buy a physical copy directly through our site (the artwork/digipak designing came out AMAZING)! Manufactured through New Energy in Pittsburgh, PA. Please find info for purchasing through the store page.

The next phase of the Chipmunk EP project, the film 'A Way from Scuzztown,' is currently a work in progress. MJ and filmmaker Stephen Kane are currently hashing out the design and film scheduling. Anyone interested in assisting with the making of the film, please contact us! Filming will take place primarily in Portland, OR and the San Francisco Bay Area and Lake County. Set and puppet designers currently needed. Possible assistance will also be needed with aspects of filming.