Mt. Portland

PNM#010 - Release Date: 2/28/2016

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Mt. Portland Compilation

Compilations, [much like web pages with right-sided text alignment], are riddled with stigma.

The idea of mashing 13 or 14 songs next to each other present some obvious problems. A quick example is sound. Sound quality always varies in compilations and commonly in an annoying way. And why put them all next to each other and try to sell it as one album? After all, in today's world, what’s the difference between a compilation and a playlist?

I’ll tell you. Usually nothing. Mt. Portland is here to destroy all that. Mt. Portland isn't for sale. It's free.

Every copy will be given away for nothing. Any money accidentally made will be donated to charity.

Mt. Portland sounds like an album, not a bunch of random songs shoved next to each other. Why? Because I was inspired to put Mt. Portland together to document the amazing music scene currently in bloom in Portland Oregon.

Because all the songs were recorded specifically for the record at the same time in the same place: Buzz or Howl Studios in Portland. Stan Wright owns the analog studio and he recorded and mixed every song for free.

Every single track on Mt. Portland is exceptional…But anyone with ears could tell you that.

There are a million reasons why Mt. Portland will be played long after the death of so many other compilations, but the simplest reason I can give you is the only one I need:

Mt. Portland is better.

—Joel Magid