Joel Magid

Enigmas have never sounded so sweet.

Despite how it may seem, Joel Magid and his music did not spontaneously explode into existence.

The Portland, Oregon recluse has in fact been locked away in the basement, writing and recording what might be the most intriguing rock n roll songs you’ve ever heard.

Great new music? Yes.
Out of thin air? No.

Yes, he started off in punk rock bands. It’s true that for one very weird year he only made esoteric electronic music. And yes, for the last decade he’s been transparently obsessed with 1960s Rock n Roll, Girl Groups, Garage Rock, and even the fashion of the era. But who isn’t transfixed on some moment in that curiously small swell of time?

He’s been the minimum wage schmuck, the resentful caterer, the charming bartender, the frustrated and disorganized cook, the scrawny stage builder, and the unlikely wedding DJ. Surviving all of this was no easy task and you can sometimes still detect the defiant blood of the cook in Joel’s sardonic sense of humor.

Joel has just released his second record — Hyenas — and is performing it all over the world… of Portland. When he isn’t entertaining, Joel resides in the studio he’s built in his basement. He’s currently creating the strangest children’s record ever recorded, with the age-appropriate themes of guilt, shame, and candy.

“He has enough vintage gear in his basement to fuel a small army of musicians. Well, maybe a medium-sized army,” a close friend says. With a fragment of a smile Magid responds…“Whatever.”

Releases Include:

Click here for info about "Pyramids" (Vinyl)

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Another installment of vintage goodness from our beloved Mr. Magid.

Click here for info about "Hyenas" (Vinyl)

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A healthy dose of lo-fi 1960’s sound, playful instrumentation, and juxtaposing lyrics that gets your soul screaming for weeks on end.

Click here for info about (And Eventually You Get Your Foot Hacked Off) (Vinyl)

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Masterfully arranged 13 track psych-garage pop majesty from one of Portland, Oregon's most well-adjusted eccentrics.