Fall 2016:

Bunk #5 will be birthing in the deep Southwest this October - be prepared! I'll be unleashing the newest chapter of Max's exploits to the mostly unsuspecting public at the Albuquerque Zine Fest in October! Bunks #5 (Collideoscope) is a frothy installment of your most cosmically-minded ape friend as he journeys through a fortune-telling session with his ever-acute friend Sibyl. Be sure not to miss it, as it will also be the last installment in the series for some time, in order to allow time for some other projects that are building up right now.

Here are a couple of upcoming events where you'll be able to purchase some PsychoNot Art goodies in-person:

Sat. October 8th - Albuquerque Zine Fest (Albuquerque, NM)
Sat. November 5th - Short Run (Seattle, WA)

Otherwise, you can find all our goodies on the PsychoNot Art Etsy Store.

Thanks again to everyone new that we met at the Portland Zine Symposium back in July! I'm a huge fan of that event, and it's always a fun time to meet some new people and see what the artistic and zine world has been up to in their free time.

I wish you the best through the upcoming holiday season - catch you soon!


- MJ, PsychoNot Art

Spring 2016:

Just a reminder that the home-grown Portland music compilation titled MT. PORTLAND is available for Vinyl purchase via the Genero.us link found on our Mt. Portland page HERE. And as mentioned in our last update, ALL proceeds will be going to local charity (Ethos) - a donation link will be arriving on the project info page shortly!

In other news, Bunk #5 is still in the creation stage, and is slated for release later this Summer! Stay tuned for upcoming shows where you'll find us with merch in-tow in the next update!


- MJ, PsychoNot Art

WINTER 2016:

On 2/28/16, we welcome the release of the hypnotic and majestic 13-cut local music compilation, titled MT. PORTLAND. Get yerself a FREE vinyl copy by attending the release show on Sunday, 2/28, at Rontom's Sunday Session Special.

To learn more about this epic endeavour, please visit the product page HERE! ALL proceeds will be going to local charity - a donation link will be arriving on the project info page shortly!

And remember, we all love you dearly.


- MJ, PsychoNot Art


Hey hey hey!

The year may be starting to wind down, but there's still MORE CHANCES to get involved with some PsychoNot Art goodness. Coming up:

Saturday, Oct. 31st - Short Run (Seattle, WA)

I'll also be in attendance at this year's Bizarrocon 2015, but in more of an attendee role. I'd highly suggest checking things out at the site for anyone interested in twisted tales and surrealist expeditions within the printed word. This event is shaping up to be a barn-burner of a good time!

Bunk #4 is NOW AVAILABLE on the Comixology website. Go download an issue or five today!

And if you're looking to start striking people off of your holiday list, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN OUR ETSY STORE for some home-baked goodness, from the PsychoNot Art press vaults. You need it, don't hesitate. This schwag is the real deal.


- MJ, PsychoNot Art


A cheery welcome to everyone I met at the Olympia Comics Festival and the Portland Zine Symposium over the summertime. Since I know you can't get sick of my shining grill, here's some MORE upcoming events:

Sun. September 6th - SF Zine Fest (San Francisco, CA)
Sat. October 3rd - Sun. October 4th - Alternative Press Expo (San Jose, CA)
Sat. October 31st - Short Run (Seattle, WA)

And don't forget: Bunk #4 is COMPLETE, and is available through our ETSY STORE. It's everything you need before "Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING" comes up and hits you square in the junk. If paper copies don't float your boat, you can also purchase a download through COMIXOLOGY.

JUST IN TIME FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR: Our NEW ringer t-shirt version of our "Bunk'd Agin" shirt can be purchased HERE.

And, of course, Joel Magid's new album Pyramids is up and available to purchase at online stores, such as CD Baby, NOW. Download codes from physical copies are redeemable ON THE ALBUM PAGE HERE.

- MJ, PsychoNot Art

SPRING 2015:

A warm welcome to any newbies to the PsychoNot Art world that we met at the Cherry City Comic Con in April! I just realized that I haven't listed our upcoming CONFIRMED events (more to come as the Summer goes on), so here goes!:

Sat. May 23rd - Sun. May 24th - Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (Vancouver, BC)
Sat. June 6th - Olympia Comics Festival (Olympia, WA)
Sat. July 18th - Sun. July 19th - Portland Zine Symposium (Portland, OR)
Sat. October 3rd - Sun. October 4th - Alternative Press Expo (San Jose, CA)

BADDA BING: Bunk #4 is COMPLETE, and is now available through our ETSY STORE. It's an epic love store, rife with sarcasm and simian love. DON'T MISS IT.

We're printing a sweet, American Apparel Ringer t-shirt version of the "Bunk'd Agin" shirt right now, and should have available for sale by mid-May.

The ever-excellent-and-eccentric Joel Magid will be releasing his new album "Pyramids" very shortly! Downloads codes are redeemable ON THE ALBUM PAGE HERE. You can get the chance to CATCH HIM LIVE, with a full band in-tow, at any of the upcoming shows:

Wed. April 29th - The Liquor Store (Portland, OR)
Sat. June 6th - The Know (Portland, OR)
Sat. June 20th - The Tractor (Seattle, WA)
Sat. July 4th - Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR)

We'll be updating again shortly with our Summertime News, so check in soon!

- MJ, PsychoNot Art

FALL 2014:

Special props to seeing an issue of Bunk in action!